Do the teachers speak any other language than English?2018-11-20T13:09:05-05:00

Yes, our team is composed of English, Portuguese and Spanish speakers so will always be someone to help your child in the class if they still not speak English.

Do you accept children with diapers? Do you do Potty Training?2018-11-20T13:12:54-05:00

IMK does accept children on diapers, and yes we will do the Potty Training once the child is ready for that. We will always communicate with the parents when is time to start and so we can work together with the parents during this very important process.

Do you offer part-time schedules?2018-11-20T13:12:54-05:00

Yes, we offer part-time for our five days/week plan. We also have availability for 3 days/week. Contact us for details.

Does IMK serve food? Can I bring extra food for my child?2018-11-20T12:57:44-05:00

Yes and Yes!
We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack and it’s all free. Our menu can be found on our website or you can ask in the office for a copy. The menu rotates every five weeks and changes once a year in August.
If you still want to bring some extra food it’s fine as long it’s healthy. Candies and chocolates are not allowed.

Does my child need to be in IMK uniform?2018-11-20T12:58:49-05:00

Yes, but only the shirt, IMK shorts are not mandatory.

How many teachers and children do you have in each classroom?2018-11-20T12:59:45-05:00

We believe having at least 2 teachers in each classroom is the best fit for a classroom environment. If necessary a third teacher will be there.
In average our classrooms have 15 children.

Is there a Playground? Which age and what time they go outside?2018-11-20T13:00:45-05:00

Yes, we have a super nice playground with appropriate equipment for all the ages. So each classroom goes at a time to the playground, meaning the 1-year-olds will not be together with the 4 years old. They go out two times a day, in the morning before lunch and in the afternoon.

Should I schedule an appointment to visit the school?2018-12-03T12:57:59-05:00

We accept walk-ins for a tour however if you have the chance to schedule would be better. Try to plan for the morning during the “work time” so you can see how your child would be engaged in our program.

What documents do I need to enroll my child?2018-11-20T13:12:54-05:00
  • School Entry Health Form (as know as Yellow Form)
  • Florida Certification of Immunization (as know as Blue Form)

You can have both with your child physician, in the case you don’t have one ask our office for reference and get a special discount.

What is the classroom schedule, how is your “Nap Time”?2018-11-20T13:06:26-05:00

Each classroom has its own schedule, but they all have the “work time”, meals and playground. Quiet Time as also know as Nap Time is a period for the children rest and is not mandatory to nap, some older children don’t nap and so other activities are planed to them.

What should I bring to school for my child?2018-11-26T23:05:24-05:00
  • One full set of extra clothes labeled with your child name in a sealed bag (Ziploc)
  • Small Blanket for quiet time (crib size)
  • Water Bottle or Sippy Cup (if your child still learning how to use the water bottle)
  • Diapers and wipes if still being used
Who can pickup my child?2018-11-20T13:08:33-05:00

During the enrollment process, you can fill out with whom you will be authorized to pick-up your child. We can register those people fingerprint in our system after ID check.

In the case somebody will pick-up but is not authorized in the system, there are two ways to proceed. The first option is you call us authorizing the pick up for that day, if you didn’t call, we will contact you and ask if the person is authorized to pick-up. In both processes, security questions will be done (as your password registered during enrollment) and ID will be asked for the person picking up, so please make sure the person has a valid ID.

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