Some of the development expected on your infant:

Hearing Your newborn child will be sensitive to different sound levels. Anticipate that your infant should start reacting to the sound of your voice by grinning and murmuring back at you. The individual will likewise start moving in the direction of the course of sounds.

Vision Time to start focus on parents and teachers face, specially on the eyes and during feedings. Bold patterns and/or black-and-white are their preferred, after this stage their eyes will become more coordinated and so they will start tracking objects. Will not take too long infants will start to recognize people and objects.

Gross Motor Skills Head start to not be so unbalances as before and they start to do some movements as lifting their heads and chest. They will also start moving their legs by stretching and kicking it when lying down. Starting to develop their gross motor skills they will grab toys and hold it.

Class during the School Year and we also have Educational Summer Camp!

IMK provide 5, 3 and 2 days per week programs.

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